Author Guidelines

  1. This journal contains scientific texts in the health field
  2. The text sent to the editor is the result of the research or Analytical studies that have never been published elsewhere in the form Print.
  3. Manuscripts sent are written in the original and printed versions.
  4. The manuscripts from the research include: title, author's name, abstract, introduction, Methods, results, discussion, conclusions, suggestions, bibliography
  5. Script component:
  • The title is written with a maximum of 14 words
  • Researcher's identity is listed as footnotes on the first page Manuscript.
  • Abstracts are written on one page using Indonesian and language English in one paragraph with keywords of a maximum of 5 words
  • Introduction without subtitles containing background problems, a little Literature review and problems and research objectives.
  • The method used is explained in detail, for methods that do not Commonly must include the goal. Loading design or design Research used, research objectives, techniques and instruments Data collection that describes data analysis techniques.
  • Results can be displayed in the form of graphs, diagrams / drawings or labels Type 1 space with numbers according to the sequence in the text. Maximum number of 6 tables. All abbreviations are not standard explained in footnote.
  • Discussion of interpreting the results of the study, linking it in a way Argumentative research findings with relevant theories, using Logical and systematic dialogue language
  • Conclusions and suggestions answer research problems, based on The results of the study, statements must be firm and do not contain numbers. Suggestions submitted logically, in accordance with the findings of the study, do not exist There is.
  • Referrals are written according to the APA Style *, limited to 25 minimum publications The last 10 years.


Murti, B., 1992, Principles and Methods of Epidemiological Research, Gajah Mada University Press, Yogyakarta, Stanphone, M. And Jeanette, L., 1992, Community Health Nursing, Mosby

  1. The length of the original text that is sent to a maximum of 25 quarto double-spaced pages, Typed with a Microsoft Word computer program, in softcopy / CD format (Compact Disk)
  2. The length of printed text sent is a maximum of 10 quartered one-page pages, Typed with a Microsoft Word computer program, using the Times New font Roman in softcopy / CD (Compact Disk) and document copy.
  3. Title of the text size (size) 16 bold, abstract and table size 10, script size 11, bibliography and footnote size 9.
  4. Editors have the right to edit the manuscript that will be loaded without changing Content / material as a whole.
  5. The text sent must be accompanied by a letter of introduction signed by the author And if it is not loaded it is not returned, unless there is a request from the author.
  6. Manuscript sent to: