1. This journal contains scientific texts in the health field
  2. The text sent to the editor is the result of the research or Analytical studies that have never been published elsewhere in the form Print.
  3. Manuscripts sent are written in the original and printed versions.
  4. The originallity of manuscript will be check automatically by administrator of JHCN and author revise the article if needed
  5. The manuscripts from the research include: title, author's name, abstract, introduction, Methods, results, discussion, conclusions, bibliography
  6. Script component:
  • Language

    All articles submitted may use Indonesian and / or English. If the grammar is too bad and doesn't meet the standard, the editor team will not process it.

    Manuscript Writing Format

    The manuscript is written in microsoft word, the paper size used is A4 with the upper, lower, left and right borders of 2 cm, The manuscript is written in Times New Roman with a size of 12, except for the title with a size of 14 and an abstract with a size of 10, the writing of the page is written in the Lower right corner


    Publication titles are written in letter size 14. Publication titles are different from research titles written without using abbreviations, consisting of 12-14 words containing keywords related to the written manuscript. A short title needs to be written as the page header on each journal page. The author does not include the word study / relationship / influence in the title.


    The writing of the author's name is placed under the title by writing the full name (without a title) and sorting by contribution in the writing process by referring to the scoring system guidelines for determining joint authorship rights with a scientific paper in the DIKTI writing guide.

    Author Information

    Writing author data consists of the full name along with the author's title and affiliation, writing the correspondence address in the form of writing the address of one of the authors including postal address and email address


    Abstracts are written in Indonesian and English with a maximum number of words of 200 words consisting of background, problems, objectives, methods, results obtained, discussion of results and conclusions, and recommendations. Abstract writing is not allowed to have quotes and abbreviations or acronyms.

    Keywords: keywords are written in Indonesian and English with a maximum of six words arranged alphabetically


    The introduction contains the latest conditions so that this research is important to do, by attaching the results of previous research. The author attaches the research background, problem identification, and statement of purpose and hypothesis that will be tested in the research. The introduction should not exceed six paragraphs.


    In the method section, the author can explain the research design, population, sample used in the study


    The results are written to answer the problem question or research objective. Results in the form of the same data are not displayed in two forms such as tables / graphics / pictures and narration. The results are explained briefly and clearly without providing a written interpretation of the results. The author does not need to write down the types of methods used in this section and it is necessary to clearly state the number of observations in each analysis, as well as information about missing data, handling and treatment methods in the analysis.


    Researchers are expected to provide reviews and other information needed to put the research findings into the context of the population being observed, the researcher writes down the weaknesses of the study and does not rewrite the research methods or results


    The author summarizes the main findings briefly and clearly to answer the research objectives. In the conclusion section, the author must write down the benefits that can be applied from the results of the research on the impact on related science. At the end, the author can write down suggestions / recommendations and things that can be do in the future.



    Reference contains a bibliography of articles and books that have been published that are relevant to related research which are written in APA Style citation style. bibliography that is filled out in the reference must be completed in the research article manuscript limited to 25 minimum publications The last 10 years.


  1. The length of the original text that is sent to a maximum of 25 quarto double-spaced pages, Typed with a Microsoft Word computer program, in softcopy / CD format (Compact Disk)
  2. Editors have the right to edit the manuscript that will be loaded without changing Content / material as a whole.
  3. The text sent must be accompanied by a letter of introduction signed by the author And if it is not loaded it is not returned, unless there is a request from the author.
  4. Manuscript sent to: